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Smile Design Services in Medellin. Let’s Transform Your Smile!

At Dr. Maru’s Colombia smile design clinic, we provide exceptional dental care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. Allow us to transform your smile into one you can flaunt without holding back! We offer you our professional smile design services that use a combination of science, technology, and art to improve the look of your smile. It goes beyond offering a cookie-cutter treatment plan, rather, we address the very unique concerns you might have. Be it staining teeth, worn teeth, a gummy smile, or just about anything in between, we can correct them all!

Our professionals take the time to assess your unique concerns and then provide you with a tailored treatment plan accordingly. We take into account your facial anatomy and your functional and aesthetic needs when crafting your dream smile. It is our assurance that patients are given the best dental care when they choose us.

Quality Materials

Our treatments incorporate the latest high-quality dental materials and equipment needed to deliver successful results.

Professional Expertise

Our team of practitioners is well-versed in a wide range of aesthetic dentistry treatments meant for a successful smile design.

Get The Smile You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

Are you ready to flaunt your smile with confidence? Why wait any longer? Reach out to Dr. Maru’s clinic and schedule your appointment today! Dr. Maru is the top dentist in Medellin Colombia.

Our Smile Design Medellin Services

With Dr. Maru’s smile design dentistry services, you can achieve the smile you have always dreamt of. Unlike conventional dental treatments, a smile design is meant to be fully personalized according to your exact needs. It further employs digital tools that analyze your smile, identify the imperfections that need correction, and deliver a warmer, pleasant smile. More importantly, the smiles we design are meant to fit your facial anatomy and proportions without compromising dental function.

Smile Microdesign

A smile micro-design is a quicker, cheaper way of achieving a radiant smile. It begins with dental whitening, smoothing out the teeth, and applying composite edge bonding where needed. It is ideal for those who have an aligned bite but need to correct minor ragged edges or stained teeth.

Porcelain Veneers Colombia Service

Our more comprehensive treatment uses porcelain veneers in Colombia, which are custom-crafted shells that fit over the front surface of your natural teeth. They superimpose well over your existing smile line, giving natural-looking results and effectively concealing any cracks, stains, or other minor imperfections.

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Benefits of Smile Design

A smile design will help make your smile more confident and absolutely flawless; discover the many benefits it offers:

  • It will improve the aesthetics of your smile
  • Aligns teeth and ensure they are proportionate to your face
  • Ensures symmetry of your gums, lips, and teeth,
  • Improves the way your teeth meet and function, reducing wear on tear on them.
  • Allows you to smile with greater confidence.
  • Reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Dental smile designing gives you a more youthful, radiant experience.
  • A smile design gives you a fully personalized treatment that guarantees whiter teeth and a happier smile.
  • It delivers natural-looking, long-lasting results.

Why Choose Us: The Smile Designers?

Dr. Maru’s Aesthetic Dental clinic in Medellin is fully immersed in patient comfort and quality dental care. We leverage state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of dental techniques to ensure our patient’s dental needs are always addressed successfully. We further take the time to listen to your unique needs and desires and offer tailored services accordingly. To top it off is our exquisite facility that features comfortable interiors and employs the highest quality materials to obtain pure client satisfaction.

Check out our smile design dental services in action! Below, you will find real before and after images depicting the transformative experience that comes with smile design at Dr. Maru’s clinic.

Let’s Make You Smile Brighter

We ensure the best dental care that begins with a thorough consultation and ends with a confident, warm, and graceful smile!

Frequently Asked Questions About Smile Make Over Medellin Colombia

1. What is a Smile Microdesign?

A smile micro design or a mini smile design is a simpler way of transforming your smile. It will target the color, shape, and alignment of your teeth ensuring everything is in harmony according to your facial proportions and smile aesthetics. It will also help you correct minor imperfections, such as damaged or stained teeth, in a single visit.

2. How is a Medellin Smile Design Performed?

A dental smile design is a fully personalized treatment that varies from individual to individual, depending on your specific needs. It may employ a combination of different dental techniques to obtain the required results. To find the right dental smile designing plan for you, come in for a consultation at Dr. Maru’s clinic. We guarantee the best materials and the latest cutting-edge technologies for highly effective, natural-looking results.

3. How Long Does A Smile Design Last?

A smile design or veneers made of ceramic can last you up to 20 years, whereas a resin smile design has a lifespan of around 8-10 years. Dr. Maru is the best dentist for veneers in Colombia.

4. What Are the Advantages of Ceramic Veneer Smile Design?

Ceramic veneers are a popular choice amongst those who seek a long-lasting result. They can last between 15-20 years with the right care. They are highly durable and are resistant to staining over time which means you won’t have to invest much for maintenance or whitening. The veneer surface itself is ultra-thin, so it fits tightly against the natural teeth and allows for comfortable chewing. However, it will require your teeth to be filed down for the veneers to have space to be fitted into.

5. What Are the Advantages of Resin Veneer Smile Design?

Composite resin veneers or dental bondings are preferred for their high gloss nanoparticles that retain their surface gloss finish over time, leading to a long-lasting white and bright smile. Furthermore, when you apply resin veneers, you won’t have to worry about filing down the teeth. However, resin veneers can crack and chip over time, especially with high bite loads.

6. How Much Does A Smile Design Cost?

The cost of your smile design will depend on the combination of aesthetic dental treatments being used and the duration of your procedures. For a better understanding of our smile design services, come in for a one-on-one consultation, where we will provide you with a detailed quote.

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